Labelbox is a data labeling tool built for machine learning applications. Start labeling data in minutes using pre-made labeling interfaces, or create your own pluggable interface to suit the needs of your data labeling task. Labelbox is lightweight for single users or small teams and scales up to support large teams and massive data sets.

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Simple image labeling
Labelbox makes it quick and easy to do basic image classification or segmentation tasks. To get started, simply upload your data or a CSV file containing URLs pointing to your data hosted on a server, select a labeling interface, (optional) invite collaborators and start labeling.

Label just about anything
Create a custom labeling interface to meet the needs of your labeling task. Start by customizing one of the standard Labelbox interfaces or build one from the ground up, just import labeling-api.js in a script tag. See Creating Custom Labeling Interfaces to get started.

Manage Teams
Invite your team members to help with labeling tasks. Labelbox streamlines your labeling workflows, from micro labeling projects for quick R&D to production grade projects requiring hundreds of collaborators.

Measure Performance
Maintain the highest quality standards for your data by keeping track of labeling task performance of individuals and teams.

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