Review submitted labels

The activity tab shows details about all labels that have been submitted. This is also where you can start reviewing labels. For more information on reviewing labels, click here.

  • Labels
    The Labels table shows all labels that have been submitted.
  • Predictions
    The Predictions table shows all prediction base labels that have been imported via the Predictions API.
  • Queue
    The Queue table shows all unlabeled data that is in the Queue to be distributed to the labelers. The "Reserved By" field shows which labeler has that specific data asset reserved to be labeled. Reserved data assets will become unreserved if it is not labeled within 90 minutes of being reserved.


    Select "ADD FILTER", then choose one of the available fields to filter on. You may add multiple filters as well.

Re-enqueue Labels

This allows you to select images that you want to send back into the labeling queue to get re-labeled A common use case is to put skipped labels back in the queue and/or poorly labeled data.

To Re-Enqueue, select the assets, then click the "Re-Enqueue" button on the top-right of the Activity table.