Adding information to data for the purpose of training machine learning algorithms. Also known as data annotation. For example, classifying if there is a car in an image.


A label is a classification, a segmentation or a combination of classifications and segmentations that were created for a single data asset. For example, an image that was labeled with a car and a person, and the entire image was classified as being blurry.

Data Asset

A datarow is a single data asset. For example, this could be an image or text string that is imported into Labelbox to be labeled.


A project is an organized set of training data to be labeled and managed by one or more collaborators.


The agreement among multiple labelers and/or a model prediction on a training dataset.


A segment or a set of segments that collectively cover an image to classify object within an image for object detection. For example, a rectangle bounding box around a car in an image.


A Classification is an observation or multiple observations of a data asset.

Re-enqueue Labels

When labels are selected to go back to the labeling queue to be relabeled.


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