Outsource Labelers

Connect your Labelbox project to an outsourced labeling team with one click. The outsource function is available for use with Labelbox managed workforce partners. We've worked with a lot of managed workforce companies, and these are the ones that get the best reviews from the Labelbox community.

Managed Workforce Partners

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User Limit with Outsourcing

An outsourced annotation team does not count towards your Labelbox user limit.

Instructions for Labelbox Customers

To add an outsource labeling team navigate to your project > Settings > Collaborators.

Select "Outsource" then enter the Outsource Firm Provider ID (Provided by the labeling firm), then Add.

This will give access to the labeling team to manage your project and add their labelers. The project will appear in their account as a shared project.

They will only have access to do the following:

  • Manage their own collaborators in your shared project. Not your Collaborators
  • Label and review
  • Delete & re-enqueue labeled data
  • View project progress, basic metrics, and labeler performance

Instructions for Managed Workforce Partners

Connecting a Project

Share your Provider ID with the Labelbox customer and they will be able to connect their project to you. The connected project will appear in your Projects tab.

Adding Collaborators and Assigning Roles

Admins and Team Managers from your Labelbox team can add collaborators to a project that has been shared with your organization. Adding collaborators to a shared project can be done via the Collaborators tab or inside the project under Settings > Collaborators.


Admins have reduced access to projects shared with their organization. Notably, they cannot take destructive action against the project, they cannot export data, they cannot add or remove data, and they cannot adjust the quality settings of the project.

Team Manager

Team Managers are able to add and remove their organization's collaborators to shared projects. However, the collaborators of the client project will not be visible.

Labeler & Reviewer

Labelers and Reviewers of a shared project behave identically to the way they do in an internal project.

Become a Workforce Partner

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