Managing groups of collaborators in Labelbox

What is a team?

Teams are managed groups of users that can be added to projects just like collaborators.

Creating a Team

Start by navigating to the Collaborators tab, then Teams, and "Create New Team".

Next, enter a Team Name and select the Project or Projects that them Team will have access to. The last step is to click "Add Collaborator" which will open a dropdown of existing Collaborators to choose from to add to the project.

Adding Collaborators

If no other Collaborators exist for you to add you must first add collaborators by navigating back to the Collaborators tab and click "Add Collaborator".

Manage a Team

You can manage a Team by clicking on the Team in the Collaborators tab that you want to modify. This is where you can add or remove Collaborators to the team as well as manage which projects are available to the Team.


Managing groups of collaborators in Labelbox

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