Uploading Local Data

Datasets can be uploaded from the Data tab or during project creation. In this scenario your data is securely stored on our cloud servers, it is only accessible by you, and you own the data that is uploaded.

Uploading Data

Select your data from your local computer to upload. Your data is uploaded in a secure cloud bucket and only you have access to it.

Supported File Formats

Labelbox standard image labeling interface supports the following image file formats.

Supported File Formats






Video Data

To upload video data for labeling, you must first convert the video to an image sequence. In this process, each frame is saved as a separate image file.

Here is a tutorial of converting a video to an image sequence using Adobe.
How to convert a video into an image sequence

Uploading the images from a video file follow the same steps as uploading any other images into Labelbox.

Text Data

In order to build the JSON for upload, a string of text can be inserted inside the "data" element. To create new lines, simply add \n operator. Upload this file to Labelbox and then attach the dataset to a project.

    "externalId": "001",
    "data": "Customer-\nI love this tool and the customer service.\n\nOperator-\nThanks so much. We are here to help."
    "externalId": "002",
    "data": "Customer-\nI am having trouble with sending a payment.\n\nOperator-\nI am sorry to hear that. Can you share if you are using a chrome or firefox browser?"

Uploading Local Data

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